We offer various solutions to fit all profiles and budgets.

  Business Page Followers

Business page followers are your audience that would consume, engage, and share your content with a much bigger network. At EasyLink we connect targeted, organic followers with the intention to engage with them.

View PackagesAdd 100 Targeted Page Followers: R1 500
within two months
Add 250 Targeted Page Followers: R2 500
within three months
Add 500 Targeted Page Followers: R3 500
within four months

  Personal Profiles

Your LinkedIn profile is your online business network. From connecting and building the correct business relationships and your personal brand, LinkedIn is an important part of being a full-fledged professional in any industry these days.

View PackagesPersonal Profile Inviting and Connecting: R3 000/month
Up to 400 targeted invites per week

Personal Profile Inviting, Connecting and Engagement: R5 500/month
Up to 400 targeted invites per week Invite, Connection and Engagement Messaging Notification via WhatsApp/e-mail


Creating and sharing posts are essential to get the most out of the business platform. Quality content you share makes you more visible to professional network and industry leaders. Posts should provide value to other users and turn employees into brand advocates.

View PackagesTwo Posts – Content write up: R1 000
1 x Post: R500.00

One Post – Image and content: R1 000

One Post – Video clip and content: R3 000

  Employee Advocacy

In a digital marketplace, engaged employees can be an even bigger asset. Leveraging the power of their business networks, you can magnify your brand presence and enhance your reputation. The EasyLink Employee Advocacy Training Programme focuses on the steps to effective employee engagement.

View PackagesEmployee Advocacy Introduction training session: R2 000
Introduction video call session for up to six employees

Employee Advocacy Advance training session: R3 000
Advance video call session for up to six employees

  Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is all the visual elements that are chosen to represent the overall face of your organisation – from corporate logos to typeface, tagline, imagery, colour palette, and tone of voice. It is apparent in physical form too – in stationery, packaging, uniforms, merchandise, brochures or online campaigns.

View PackagesCreate Corporate Identity Guide: R1 000

Banner Artwork: R500

Logo Artwork: R500


Information on your Business page is a platform for organisations to post industry updates, job opportunities, information about life at their organisation, and much more.

The more complete your information is on your business page, the better your audience can "see" who you are as a business. Complete pages also enhance your search appearances by keywords throughout your information.

View PackagesMigrated Information Page Setup: R1 000
Migrate existing information for the Tagline and Description

Create Information for Page Setup: R2 000
Copy write, Create and Approve information for the Tagline and Description


Content is the textual, visual, or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience online. It may include – among other things – text, imagery, sound, video, and animation. For your business it is from posts to videos, brochures, and articles. Being informative and consistent is key.

View PackagesSix Post Campaign: R4 000/month
Six individual post forming the campaign

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